Reverse Vending Machines

Reverse vending machines can help support your corporate responsibility goals, highlight your green credentials and get ahead of the incoming introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

Single-use plastics and businesses’ impact on the environment are now more than ever under the spotlight. Therefore, it is important that organisations take advantage of available technologies now. The introduction of state of the art reverse vending machines (RVMs) allow you to improve your sustainable development and can enhance your businesses recycling rates.

RVMs are highly efficient that allows people to deposit empty, single-use beverage containers in return for a pre-paid deposit or non-monetary reward, such as vouchers, discounts or charity donations. Once the reverse vending machines are full, the compacted bottles and cans are collected for onward recycling.

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Our Range of Reverse Vending Machines

As one of the leading suppliers of RVMs, vending machines and more we offer the world’s leading manufacturers

EcoVend RVM Range

The EcoVend RVM range is highly efficient recycling machines that are perfect for use in general public areas, retail stores, other shopping locations, etc. The range of reverse vending machines allows people to deposit empty plastic bottles, coffee cups and more.

Available Range:

  • RVM100
  • RVM200
  • RVM400
  • RVM2000
  • Shelter

Brimming with cutting-edge technology, the EcoVend RVMs offer impressive levels of user engagement across Europe with up to 97% of beverage container recycling waste in some countries.

EcoVend Reverse Vending Machines
EcoVend RVMs X range

The New EcoVend RVM X Range

The EcoVend RVM X range features increased compactors for faster processing and innovative conveyors with larger collections baskets. In addition, new 360-degree identification scanning cameras support the increased processing capacity – up to an impressive 45 bottles per minute.

The EcoVend X Range:

  • RVM400 – X 
  • RVM1450 – X
  • RVM2000 – X

Brimming with cutting-edge technology, the EcoVend RVMs offer impressive levels of user engagement across Europe with up to 97% of beverage container recycling waste in some countries.

How Does Reverse Vending Work?

RVMs are a convenient, efficient and rewarding way of recycling 


On the go drinks are super convenient, but using a waste bin means you can’t 100% guarantee that your empty can or bottle will be recycled.


Your customers can deposit their unwanted, empty containers in a smart new reverse vending machine, located either inside or outside your business.


Our machines carefully segregate the plastic, glass and aluminium to achieve up to a 97% return rate.


Customers can then receive their reward or retrieve their deposit (where a DRS is in place) encouraging the whole process to start again.


These items are sent for reuse and recycling, where they are then returned back into shiny new products.


Now you can feel satisfied that you are doing your bit for the environment, whilst also helping your customers by recycling their waste.

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    Benefits Of Reverse Vending Machines

    RVMs are automated machines that offer your business an efficient, convenient and cost-effective way for your customers to recycle their plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans.

    The introduction of reverse vending machines allows your business to move away from mixed recycling collections and enhance your ability to deliver improved material recovery.

    Incentives to use the machines can increase the footfall at your business.

    Display your commitment to sustainability and move towards a deposit return scheme.

    benefits of RVMs