Coffee and Snack Vending Machines

Coffee / Tea vending machines and other vending solutions

Vendmarque brings over 3 decades of experience to clients across Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Yorkshire looking for coffee vending machines, hot and cold drink vending,  fresh food and snack vending solutions. We understand that with so much choice it can sometimes be hard to make a decision on the most suitable type of drinks/snack vending machines for your needs. Here we’ll take a quick look at some of our key products and offer advice on the environments they’re most appropriate for – but of course please do feel free to call us on 01274 653590 if you’d like to discuss your requirements with an expert.

Hot drink and coffee vending machines

Hot drink and coffee vending machines come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your organisation. Our smaller drinks machines, such as the Cuppa-Go machine, are great for hotels, restaurants and retail locations, and our Office Coffee and Primo Tabletop machines are great for receptions, office work spaces and boardrooms – giving staff and visitors access to a quick drink just when they need it.

Our ‘In Cup’ hot drink machines are also a great idea for smaller retail and work sites, where minimal maintenance and a tasty but basic beverage is the objective. Because the drink ingredients are already in the disposable cups, cleaning and filling the machine isn’t required – keeping you free to take care of more important business matters. Our free standing hot drink machines also have a large cup capacity and our instant drink solutions have a faster vend cycle – great for short break times and budget-conscious clients.

The Coffee 2 Go machine is a great example of a higher volume vending solution for heavier trafficked areas – hospitals and A&E departments, along with retail shopping outlets and sports centres are businesses that can particularly benefit from these types of vending machines.

Snack & cold drink vending machines

While the option to grab a hot or cold drink may be all you need, some organisations want to offer a ‘food on-the-go’ service too… which is where our fantastic Taste Magnifique and snack vending machines come in! From fresh sandwiches to quick snacks, our vending machines are ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals and pretty much any other industry or retail location you can think of.

Our range of vending solutions cover everything above and much more… so if you want your visitors to be able to get a refreshing ice cold juice drink, a bottle of water, a hot chocolate or even fresh fruit, why not take a look at our vending machines or give us a call for some friendly, no obligation advice..

Bean to cup vending machines

Bean to cup vending machines and models offering freshly brewed tea, such as those found in our Signature range, are the best choice if you’re looking for a slightly more sophisticated vending solution. We also offer machines with touch screen technology and even advertising screens if you want a more contemporary twist!